As the fast fashion industry grows exponentially, so does the pollution inflicted on the environment. Combine this with the countless number of human rights violations and unnecessary animal cruelty, and we’re facing a very sad state of affairs. Depressing, we know. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s time for brands to stand up and say enough is enough. It’s time for change within the industry. It's time for companies to take responsibility and to help their customers make a monumental change for both people and the planet. This is why we started recreation. So you can find brands who share our vision of sustainability, accountability and transparency, and so it's easy for you to make the right decision in buying long-standing, sustainable clothing. We are going to lead by example, and we’d love you to come along for the ride.

Recreation Is Here.

Fairness is always in fashion. We pledge to handpick creators who not only design amazing clothes but pay attention to their impact on the environment and on people. We’re at the centre of activity. Finding sustainable clothing should be easy. We bring stunning pieces to one place, making it simpler for you to shop. Guilt is cancelled. Our tools and services are tailor-made to give you a break, and the power to support responsible brands. Put the fun back into shopping. Find your new outfit, make better choices and participate in a global effort to make a change.

Our Values.

Every brand stocked at Recreation is passionate about altering the landscape of the fashion industry in their own unique way. To help you navigate, we categorise every product we stock with eight values: REMADE - Fighting post-consumer waste via Recycling and Upcycling. Pretty badass. RAW - Produced using kind, environmentally responsible processes. Organic textiles, hemp, Tencel and low-impact dyes. HANDMADE - High-quality pieces, expertly crafted by super talented hands. GIVE BACK - Brands supporting social and environmental non-profits. CARE - We make sure the people who made your clothes are paid living wages and work in a fair factory. VEGAN - Keep animals safe. ZERO WASTE - Made-to-order, minimal waste pattern making, actively reducing effluents and/or recycling water and electricity. LOCAL - Love hanging out at your local shops? They do too. Products are made where the business is based.